Flowers are Blooming!!

Wow…. our first Open House is behind us.  How wonderful it was to reconnect with old friends and share our vision of flower essence!  It was interesting to follow the customer thru the process of custom ordering their keepsakes at the open house.  One customer had chosen their beads to represent the receiver’s children by birth sign flower focusing on color.  Another customer chose birth month flower and then decided to take it a step further and look up the essence of the flower chosen.  Upon doing so they did not feel the flower conveyed the personality of the recipient and returned to the birth month list to make another choice.  Upon further rearching the second choice, they were happy to see it nailed the essence they wished to gift.  You don’t have to choose by flower essence, we have many in stock pieces to choose from.  Stop by and see what we’re all about!

We had the opportunity to harvest a large number of hydrangea in a wide array of blues and purples this past weekend and are looking forward to creating many pieces to convey their essence.  So many bright colors…. let the creating begin!

Bright Summer Colors are here and in full bloom!!

Looking for that summer jewelry?  Check us out…. we’ve got plenty of bright colors to share; yellow daffodils, pink carnations, orange/peach roses, deep orange/red day lillies, green bells of ireland, pink/white tulips, and more! Stop by, catch your breath from this crazy week, check out our flower essence beads, let the creative energy begin!!  

You can contact us on-line using our on-line order system, print out forms and mail in or contact us directly by phone.  All on-line orders will receive a confirming email as well as an email when your purchase has shipped.  Stop by today…..!!  You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s to new beginnings!

It’s hard to believe another school year is coming to an end.  It’s also hard to believe we’ve finally got the new division up and running!  And we are very excited to share our vision and creativity!!  Stop by the website, chooose the flower best suited to represent your sentiment and let the creating begin!!  Visit us today!!

Fleurenasci ~ bringing flower essence to life

Wow!  My first blog as the proud owner of Fleurenasci!  To me it has been a labor of love, and I can’t wait for you all to see my incredible new line.  The name, Fleurenasci, was born from fleur ~ flower and renasci ~ renew or born again… bringing flower essence to life… and that’s what it’s all about.

After working with dried flowers for several years, my mind began to race with new ideas.  How else could I preserve flowers or offer flowers as a gift other than delivering them in a vase.  After many months of planning I have created a unique line of jewelry that I think you will all love!  By making beads out of flower petals, and then incorporating those beads, each piece holds a sentiment.  Each piece of jewelry is then unique to each individual.

I bet many of you know your birth sign and birthstone, but did you know you also have a birth sign flower and birth month flower?  Yes you do!  And did you know each flower also carries a specific symbolism and is associated with certain feelings and emotions?  It’s all so exciting to me and I can’t wait for you to see my jewelry, key rings, bookmarks, etc.  Check out my website and let me know what you think!