Valentine’s Day Flower Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and every man wants to make sure he gives his wife or girlfriend the perfect gift! We at Fleurenasci love flowers, and we have the perfect gift idea to go along with you floral bouquet. Yes, we say shower her with flowers, and don’t forget to give her a Fleurenasci gift certificate so that she can treasure those gorgeous flowers forever! Don’t know what type of flower to give her? Let us suggest some of the most popular flowers to give on this special day and we will even give you their meanings.
Of course many love to give roses on Valentine’s Day. However, there are many different colors of roses to choose from and did you know they all have a different meaning? Yes, for example red roses stand for love and passion, while pink roses represent beauty. Another popular Valentine’s flower would be Tulips and their sentiment would be perfect love. The Calia Lilly and Oleander both also mean beauty and the Peonies represent a happy marriage, happy life! Won’t your someone special be impressed when you tell her what her flowers represent? And we promise, we’ll never tell we helped you out with this one. Make sure you call us today to order your gift certificate. We know she is going to love it!Happy-Valentines-Day-Red-Greeting-Card

Flowers From Within


As February approaches we find ourselves searching for just the right way to show that someone special in our lives just how much they mean to us.  At Fleurenasci, we use the catch phrase, bringing flower essence to life.  This morning I found myself reflecting on flower essence.  I like to think of flowers as a gift from nature.  A gift of beauty and renewal, sometimes growing where nothing else will sprout.  Essence is defined as the core nature or most important qualities of a thing.  Sure, we preserve those flowers and allow you to enjoy them and the memories they hold but the true value comes from the base gift we are given when they emerge bringing with them the reminder that rebuilding is possible, brightening one person’s day is possible.  Whether this is done knowingly or unknowingly is irrelevant.  As we enter February and all the commercialism it brings with it I would ask you to stop if only for a moment and think of yourself as your favorite flower.  Work toward reflecting the essence of that flower.  And let the magic begin!

We all have natural gifts to give…. friendship, a hug, a simple hello, a smile to a stranger, forgiveness to ourselves, love to one feeling unworthy, the list is infinite.

As you choose your gift to give this February please remember this, its value is not reflected on a price tag…

What to do with that beautiful Poinsettia

The holidays are over and the Christmas decorations have been boxed away for another year. However, there is one sign of the holidays still going strong in your house … that gorgeous poinsettia! You hate to throw it out, it’s just too beautiful to dispose of, but what in the world are you going to do with it? We’ve got an idea! Why not take that beautiful flower and let us turn it into a keepsake you will cherish forever. The reds found in these plants will make a vibrant bead for a necklace, bracelet or even a bookmark. What a very special way to remember the 2012 holidays, by letting us create a piece you will treasure forever. We even like the idea of putting the beads on a letter opener to use next year while opening those many holiday cards! Need more information? Visit us at

Capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 19

African-VioletsThe birth sign flowers for Capricorn are the African Violet, the Snowdrop and the Jasmin. The African Violet with its essence of friendship and faithfulness holds special meaning for me. As a teenager I spent many summer days with my Grandmother.  She loved her African Violets tending to them daily working to produce new plants from leaves. Just as she faithfully tended to her Violets she tended to family and friends.   As I tend to my African Violets I will no doubt take a moment to smile and reflect on the friendship shared.

The first African violets were discovered in 1890 by Baron Walter von Saint Paul, a German explorer who found them growing in the crevices of rocks in East Africa, in what is now known as Tanzania. He sent some of the plants back home to his father, who gave them their botanical name, Saintpaulia ionantha (which in Latin means “with violet flowers”). It wasn’t until 1920 that the African violet was introduced in the United States, but because it requires a warm atmosphere (between 65-75°) it did not become a popular houseplant until central heating was installed in households. More than 20 species of African violets have since been discovered, and hybridizers have had a field day crossing from these original species to develop the thousands of varieties we enjoy today.

African violet hybridizers and fanciers delight in the minute details of the plants. For example, blossoms are categorized by several different characteristics, including:

– number of petals: single, semi-double, or double
– shape: star-shaped, bell-shaped, wasp (narrow petals), etc.
– edge: fringed, rippled, different color, etc.
– markings: chimera (striped), fantasy (splotched or streaked), etc.
– color: two-tone, multicolor, etc.

Some of the defining features of African violet foliage include:

– shape: pointed, ovate, spoon, spider (elongated), etc.
– edge: scalloped, crested, ruffled, fringed, tailored, etc.
– texture: quilted, supreme (thick and hairy), etc.
– markings: variegated, crown, mosaic, etc.

As you can imagine, the possible combinations of African violet characteristics are practically endless. And although blues, purples, pinks and whites still dominate the color selection, there are African violets available today in shades of red, yellow, and even green. A true orange seems to be the color that is still elusive to African violet breeders.

Looking for a Different Valentine’s gift this year?

Flowers and candy … candy and flowers.  Two of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts that are given and received each February 14th.  But why not change  it up this year?  We at Fleurenasci say yes, keep the flowers but instead of chocolate, give her a gift card to Fleurenasci.  By giving her a gift card she can take those beautiful flowers and turn them into a keepsake she can treasure for a lifetime.  Roses make beautiful beads for a necklace, earrings or bracelet.  Carnations, which are actually the flower for those born in January, also makes a gorgeous bead.  The options are endless! So give her the flowers and the gift certificate to turn those flowers into a gift she will have forever.  Need more information about our line, please visit us at