11/12/13 Human Race Day ~ Global “Act of Kindness” Day


I started my day today much like any other day. As I worked to update my calendar with impending deadlines and opportunities I realized the date….. 11/12/13….. Naturally I opened a new window and googled 11/12/13. While I found many sites and articles written regarding the flurry of weddings taking place, the following site caught my attention http://www.11-12-13humanraceday.com/. My first thought was of a worldwide marathon being held. What I found was so much more! Please take a moment and visit http://www.11-12-13humanraceday.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/11HumanRaceDay.

More importantly, take a moment today and share the essence of Human Race Day ~ Do just one thing for someone, it can be however big or small you want it to be, just do it with kindness……

Human Race Day
Global “Act of Kindness” Day


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