Have you heard about Fleurenasci?




“Have you heard about Fleurenasci?” That is the question I asked repeatedly this past Thursday evening as I manned our booth at a local business expo. The answers I heard ranged from a simple, “no?” to “you’re jewelry right?” I will never tire of seeing the looks of wonder that follows my reply of, “everything begins as a live flower.” That’s right! At Fleurenasci, everything truly begins as a live flower! Flowers are preserved, ground, hand rolled into beads, and then incorporated into jewelry and keepsake items.

And as they begin to look at the creations on display with an inquisitive eye, I continue to explain our love for the essence of each flower. For example, did you know you have a birth flower and a birth month flower? You do! In addition, each flower carries a specific symbolism conveying a certain feeling or emotion.

For example: Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a perfect way to say, “I love you.” A bouquet of red roses is a wonderful way to express your deep feelings. The pink rose is often given to convey a gentler meaning than its red counterparts. As a symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose conveys admiration and beauty. Attached are a few examples of items created using red and pink roses. Many available and waiting to be shared with your special someone! This year as you choose the beautiful red or pink rose to show your special someone you care, you can smile in knowing that you are conveying so much more!

Whether you find us at an expo, through our website at http://www.fleurenasci.com, at our Etsy shop or by word-of-mouth, we hope to have shared a peek inside the wondrous world of flowers.

Thank you for stopping by!

Fleurenasci, Bringing Flower Essence to Life

Preserving Flowers Into Beads ~ Beads Into Jewelry ~ Memories Into Keepsakes

FLEUR ~ flower ~ RENASCI ~ renewed


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