Are You Feeling Happy?

Did you know today is the International Day of Happiness? Maybe that is why we all have an extra spring in our step. I love reading about all of the ways people are celebrating the day, including Pharrell Williams joining forces with the UN. Check this website out that features people from all around the world singing and dancing to Pharrell’s song “Happy!” What a great idea. Fleurenasci is all about happy, from the flowers we use, to the products we create … it all brings us great joy to make others happy. So why not take a moment to smile today and just be Happy!

Living Life Like A Chinese Bamboo Tree

You may have read this title and thought, “what is Phyllis thinking?” Well give me a moment and I will explain my thought process. Yes, I actually am growing my personal life and my business, Fleurenasci, like that of a Chinese Bamboo Tree. I will share the link that truly explains what I mean, but in a nutshell, it’s when you create a strong foundation before you truly begin to grow.

When one plants a bamboo tree, it does not sprout until its fifth year of growth. Now we all know the bamboo was not just sitting there for four years doing nothing. It was actually developing a root system strong enough to support the mighty bamboo it would become. This is how I intend on growing my personal and professional life. With a strong foundation, I can succeed at anything I set my mind too. I find the more I read about this process, the more I can use the same principles in my day-to-day life. And one key element to the bamboo’s success and mine is faith. The growers of the bamboo do what is required to make the bamboo grow and the rest is left up to faith. Each day I strive to do what I know must be done to lead a successful personal and professional life, while the rest is left up to faith. How awesome is that? I hope you will take a moment to learn more about the story here. It truly is a tale we can all learn from.