Red, White and Blue Flowers

In one week America will celebrate the 4th of July. Have you thought about which flowers you might want to adorn your table with next Friday? I simply love the colors this holiday brings when it comes to flowers and here are some suggestions you might want to follow. And remember, after the 4th, hold onto those flowers and bring them to Fleurenasci! Together we can create a keepsake to help you keep summer with you all year long!

When researching the topic of 4th of July flowers, I found several great ideas including a combination of red geraniums, white alyssums and blue ageratum. These would create a spectacular center piece and also look great together in a flower garden.

Another awesome idea? How about red salvia, white petunia and blue lobelia. There truly aren’t many blue flowers, but these options give you some great choices when trying to find that hard color.

If you want to learn more about red, white and blue flowers, check out this site for more ideas and we hope you have a great 4th of July!

Imaginary Worlds

We love flowers, but what we love more is seeing all of the unique creations that can come from flowers and that’s why we have to tell you about Imaginary Worlds! Imaginary Worlds, A New Kingdom of Plant Giants, is a must see at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The exhibit is running now through October 31 from 9 AM to 7 PM. When you enter the Garden you will experience “magical creatures” casting an “enchanting spell” over the entire Garden.

According to the Botanical Garden website, the new exhibition sculptures include four frolicking frogs, three gallivanting gorillas and a pair of ogling orangutans as the newest denizens of the enchanted gardens. Returning with new plantings are the grazing unicorn, friendly ogre, gigantic cobras, enchanting rabbits, and a couple of flighty butterflies. Earth Goddess, the largest sculpture at 25-feet-tall, is a permanent piece greeting visitors in the Cascades Garden.

We think it’s an exhibit you won’t want to miss with your family! Check it out and let us know if you like it as much as we do!

The Rose … The Flower of June

Every month has a flower and June’s birth month flower is the Rose. Did you know the Rose represents beauty, love and youth? Those are three wonderful characteristics for anyone to possess, much less a flower.
The Rose has been a symbol of love, beauty, war and politics for hundreds of years. The genus rose has approximately 150 species that can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and even parts of Northern Africa. It is believed that the cultivation of roses began almost 5,000 years ago in China. The roses were grown in the Middle East during the Roman period. Roses have been used for everything from confetti to medicines and is loved by many.

Another flower that has meaning in June is the Daffodil The Daffodil is the birth sign flower for Gemini and it represents joy and new beginnings. The Daffodil also means spring to many and has several names such as Narcissus and even Jonquil. For the record, the official botanical name is Narcissus and Daffodil is the common name. You can thank those living in the Southern states for the addition of the name the Jonquil.

At Fleurenasci we simply love both of these flowers. When they are transformed into beads and collectible keepsakes they are without a doubt some of our favorites. If you have any of these flowers in your gardens think about keeping those vibrant colors with you all year round by letting us create a beautiful piece of jewelry. And remember to take time to smell the roses!

Here are some examples of roses and daffodils that have been turned into gorgeous beads.

Daffodil Earrings

Red Rose Earrings

June Flowers

June has arrived and with it has come some beautiful flowers for arrangements. Whether for your home or perhaps a wedding bouquet we just love these flowers. We love the refreshing colors you can find in Gerberas. From pink to red and from yellow to orange, this flower just screams sunshine and happiness. The vibrant purple colors found in Delphimium and Freesia are also some of our favorites,and of course when we see beautifully colored flowers, we see great bead colors. Lilies are definitely in this month and one of our favorite is the Lillium Stargazer. Its amazing color also transforms into a beautiful collectible created by our team at Fleurenasci. Want to learn more about us and how we create memories through your flowers? Visit our website today!