Thankful For You!

I try to make a point through my blog to say how thankful I am for every customer, every friend that tells someone about us, and  every family member that supports me and my vision. I would not be where I am today without each of these groups of incredible people. In the past year I have seen my business grow in leaps and bounds. So at Thanksgiving, it makes perfect sense to me to once again say thank you and to let you know how grateful I am for each of you! From being available in retail stores, to my official trademark registration, wow! It’s all a bit humbling. But again, you all have helped make this become a reality.

I hope you have a blessed holiday with family and friends, and as this holiday season officially starts make time to be with the ones you love! Happy Thanksgiving from Fleurenasci!


Fleurenasci literally, is flowers renewed.

Flower and Butterfly 8 w Tag Line with R mark (1)Fleur ~ French Etymology: /flœʁ/ Latin flos, florem; (flower; the finest part of something).

Renasci ~ Latin Etymology: re-+nāscor. Verb, present infinitive renāscī; (revived, renewed, born again).

Essence ~ Latin Etymology: essentia (the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing).

Fleurenasci literally, is flowers renewed. As I celebrate the approval and finalization of the company’s logo trademark, I am reminded that Fleurenasci represents so much more than simply flowers renewed.   The choice to include the tag line “Bringing Flower Essence to Life,” is a gentle reminder to look beyond the exterior…. to celebrate the essence of life’s triumphs and life’s trials … for they shape the essence of the individual.

While the adding of a flower was initially intended as a subtle way of connecting Fleurenasci to flowers, again it evolved into so much more. The daffodil was chosen for its essence of joy and new beginnings.   Which brings me to the butterfly.   While there are many meanings derived from the butterfly, I choose to embrace the spiritual meaning, which is… to convey the choice to transcend, the power to make a choice, to choose our way of being… our paths… our destiny.

Is it my hope that you think Fleurenasci when you see flowers or even think about flowers? Certainly. But more importantly, as we enter this holiday season with all the hustle and bustle it brings with it, it is my hope you are gently reminded to celebrate and embrace life… to celebrate and embrace the essence of those around you… to celebrate and embrace your essence and all that you are!

I know I’ll be taking a moment to celebrate the essence of a few wonderful people who without their insights and skills the Fleurenasci logo would not have been born. Thank you to Jennifer Wilkes of JDW Integrated Marketing for your guidance and suppport and thank you to Tracy Willis of Tracy R Willis Photography for your design work and insightful vision in creating the Fleurenasci logo! I am forever grateful!

Another Amazing Story at Fleurenasci

10704239_10152776286785960_171382427313662690_o (1)One awesome part of my job is learning about the story behind the flowers I transform into keepsakes. This past month I had the privilege of turning some very special flowers into beautiful earrings for an incredible woman, Pamela Vandewalker. Pamela has traveled internationally promoting and helping the welfare of children,and she recently received a Dove Award for her work. I was honored to create earrings from her flowers I wanted to share a bit of her story.

Pamela is actually the author of more than 30 books and a full-time minister of worship programming and creativity serving a congregation of over 7,000 active worshipers. As a senior programming director for six worship services, she guides and creates worship opportunities from traditional worship to seeker oriented, media-driven contemporary worship. Pamela also coordinates the children’s music program, with 800 children participating, and the church’s drama ministry. She has served with a variety of publishing houses as a creative arts, devotional, and curriculum writer for worship, drama, and the music genres for over 20 years. As a nationally recognized clinician and conference speaker, Pamela has the opportunity to share insight and relevant ministry tools to hundreds of people every year. Her newest projects include: Live Love!(Lillenas), Camp Wallaballa (Lillenas), Made for Praise volume 12 (Dovetail Music), and Tiny, Tots & Tunes. She earned Magna Cum Laude undergraduate and graduate degrees from Houston Baptist University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, respectively. She and her husband, David, make their home in Marietta, Georgia.

And be sure to check out this link to see pictures of Pamela at the Dove Awards. Thanks Pam for entrusting me with your flowers, and thank you for all you do!