Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a Shamrock Plant

Did you go out this weekend and purchase a Shamrock plant to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow? If so, you are not alone, we might even have one or two here at Fleurenasci. The little green plant has been on sale everywhere, but how does one take care of a Shamrock?

Here is some great information we found when learning more about the Shamrock:

“Shamrocks grow and bloom best in full sun, but they will tolerate partial shade. In hot summer regions they will need protection from the afternoon sun.They should only be planted in very well-drained soil. Water regularly and thoroughly while actively growing, but Shamrocks prefer to be kept on the dry side during winter while they are dormant. In areas with wet winters they should be grown in raised planting beds or under the eaves of the house.”

If you are growing your plant indoors, it will grow best when it is grown in bright light but not direct sun. The plant enjoys relatively cool temperatures and plenty of fresh air. “Keep the soil evenly moist when your Shamrocks are actively growing, but allow them to slowly dry out and go into dormancy when they begin to lose vigor.”

Whether keeping your plant indoors or outdoors, enjoy your Shamrock and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

A Weekend of Introductions

The weather was definitely frightful the weekend before the Georgia Funeral Directors Association Conference, but that was not stopping me from attending this year’s meeting. And what a great experience it was meeting directors from all over the state and introducing them to Fleurenasci. New to this group, I could not have been more warmly welcomed, especially from Valerie Wages of Tom M. Wages Funeral Service, LLC. Valerie introduced me to many attendees and made sure everyone knew about Fleurenasci. She made this business owner feel as if I had been a part of the group for years.

During the weekend I was able to share how our gifts become keepsakes and life celebration mementos for those who have lost a loved one. The attendees were quite impressed with the products they saw and agreed this is a wonderful way to keep loved ones close to our hearts. I was grateful for their warm reception and interest in my company. If you know me well, this was an event that took me out of my comfort level, but I am so pleased I made the decision to participate as a vendor. I look forward to working with many of these great companies in the near future and appreciate their interest in Fleurenasci.

The Coolest Thing about Gratitude

I am in complete agreement with Lucy Animus when she says… one of the coolest things about gratitude is the way it affects the heart.  Most of us have heard or read multiple messages reinforcing the positive emotional benefits of practicing gratitude.  Messages such as, begin each day by being grateful, count your blessings, be grateful for what you have, etc.  But have you heard or read about the physical benefits of positive messages, specifically gratitude?

In her article The Coolest Thing about Gratitude Lucy shares, “The heart creates an electromagnetic field that expands up to five feet from the body. Its electrical field is 60 times stronger in amplitude than that of the brain.”  While studies show that most positive feelings are capable of changing the heart’s frequency and waves making them smoother and more consistent, researchers also note that gratitude changed the heart’s rhythm more easily and faster.”

Even more interesting is this positive frequency’s capacity to modify nearby hearts and brains.  It seems our hearts are not only constantly communicating with our bodies but with those around us as well.

This brings a whole new meaning to the question… What’s in your heart?