Which flower will you choose?

The end of summer is upon us. Vacations have been taken. The kids are heading back to school. As you work to organize your photos and memorabilia into photo albums might we suggest another way to remember those carefree summer days, the afternoons spent at Grandma’s house, family gatherings, or time spent taking in the wonders of mother nature…

Why not hold onto those memories through flowers? That’s right you can revisit those cherished moments everyday with jewelry and keepsake items created using your preserved flowers. At Fleurenasci, we take Grandma’s prize roses or Mom’s favorite flower and preserve them, crush them, and hand-roll them into beads. Those beads are then incorporated into jewelry and keepsake items allowing you to celebrate your loved ones everyday!

Not ready to think about Christmas gifts just yet. No worries! You can bring us your flowers now while they are vibrant and blooming. We are happy to preserve and store them for you for up to six months. The small non-refundable deposit will be applied toward your future creations.

Schedule an appointment to drop off your flowers or mail them using our mailing instruction and enclosure form to start the process. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Preserve your memories, create unique jewelry and keepsake items, and celebrate your loved ones everyday.

Fleurenasci is Blooming and Growing

In less than three years we have seen Fleurenasci grow in leaps and bounds. We love the gift of flowers and now thanks to our unique jewelry and keepsakes more of you love the gift of flowers too! It is because of you, our wonderful customers, that we are pleased to announce the addition of two new team members.

Lisa Paradiso has joined Fleurenasci as a working partner. She will join forces with CEO and creator, Phyllis Kiernan, to create more exciting opportunities for the company. A registered nurse who works at Wellstar Cobb Hospital, Lisa simply fell in love with the concept. When she learned of the expansion of the company, she quickly let Phyllis know of her interest in becoming a partner. Lisa loves flowers and cannot wait to get started making timeless keepsakes and jewelry from beautiful flowers. She resides in Powder Springs with her husband and has three children.

Denise Labra has also joined the team as a sales associate. A seasoned-sales professional, she has worked with such companies as Estee Lauder, Seventeen Magazine and IBM. She loves jewelry and Phyllis’ unique and fresh approach to turning flowers into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Denise believes Fleurenasci’s concept is the perfect way to cherish precious memories. She has two children and lives in Kennesaw.

When creating Fleurenasci, Phyllis knew flowers were often given to celebrate a joyful occasion or to show sympathy or concern during a sad or trying time. She knew what these flowers meant to people, but what was the best way to preserve that emotion? Thanks to her creative thinking and hours of education, Fleurenasci is able to offer items that cannot be found anywhere else. Phyllis gets to know her clients, learns their story and then creates a keepsake that represents exactly the moment they want to hold near. It’s the Fleurenasci difference. From its inception, Phyllis has made supporting US suppliers and shopping local a priority. This has led to the addition of many in-stock items available through retail partnerships, an Etsy shop and the website.


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I love pictures, capturing the moment, looking back and reliving the moment, building a timeline of events. Having said that I am somewhat sad this morning to have not taken advantage of a photo opportunity last night.

Last evening Fleurenasci had the pleasure of attending the Marietta Art Walk as a participating vendor.  As I watched the bewilderment of shopper after shopper as they worked to digest our sales pitch of “all the color you see began as a live flower” and “everything starts as a live flower”, I was happy to see a familiar face.  A customer from our early days! My heart warmed as she expressed her excitement that Fleurenasci is still in business. Apparently she and her husband had driven past a prior location and were sadden to find that we were no longer there. “I am so happy that you are still around and even happier for you that you are growing and expanding!” she said.

Thank you Christine for taking the time to stop and say hello!  And more importantly, for your kind words of encouragement and appreciation for Fleurenasci!  Customers like you are the reason we love what we do… celebrating the essence of life through the essence of flowers!