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I love pictures, capturing the moment, looking back and reliving the moment, building a timeline of events. Having said that I am somewhat sad this morning to have not taken advantage of a photo opportunity last night.

Last evening Fleurenasci had the pleasure of attending the Marietta Art Walk as a participating vendor.  As I watched the bewilderment of shopper after shopper as they worked to digest our sales pitch of “all the color you see began as a live flower” and “everything starts as a live flower”, I was happy to see a familiar face.  A customer from our early days! My heart warmed as she expressed her excitement that Fleurenasci is still in business. Apparently she and her husband had driven past a prior location and were sadden to find that we were no longer there. “I am so happy that you are still around and even happier for you that you are growing and expanding!” she said.

Thank you Christine for taking the time to stop and say hello!  And more importantly, for your kind words of encouragement and appreciation for Fleurenasci!  Customers like you are the reason we love what we do… celebrating the essence of life through the essence of flowers!

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