11/12/13 Human Race Day ~ Global “Act of Kindness” Day


I started my day today much like any other day. As I worked to update my calendar with impending deadlines and opportunities I realized the date….. 11/12/13….. Naturally I opened a new window and googled 11/12/13. While I found many sites and articles written regarding the flurry of weddings taking place, the following site caught my attention http://www.11-12-13humanraceday.com/. My first thought was of a worldwide marathon being held. What I found was so much more! Please take a moment and visit http://www.11-12-13humanraceday.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/11HumanRaceDay.

More importantly, take a moment today and share the essence of Human Race Day ~ Do just one thing for someone, it can be however big or small you want it to be, just do it with kindness……

Human Race Day
Global “Act of Kindness” Day



ImageViolets.  What a beautiful flower, and it’s my flower of the day.  I chose this flower for many reasons, one being its essence of humbleness.  You see I have the pleasure of owning a new company, actually a new concept really.  I bring the Essence of Flowers to Life through jewelry and keepsakes. Recently, I have been humbled by two customers who chose to share a personal story with me.  You see they were at an event, one a wedding and the other a funeral.  Both were admiring the beautiful flowers.  While sitting at their respective events, they BOTH thought of me, and my business. The idea that Fleurenasci comes to mind when the eye sees the flower, WOW; I am humbled by that thought!

You know, I honestly stumbled upon the essence of flowers while researching toward my company name which in turn led me to use, Fleurenasci, meaning flowers renewed.  What a fantastic discovery….. What a journey….. and I truly love the path it has taken me down.  I so look forward to sharing it each and every day. Since starting this venture I no longer am able to look at a flower in the same way.  I see how the colors will blend into a bead or bezel.  I see a way to convey their essence to honor Mother Nature for all her splendor.  I look at jewelry differently as well. I find myself searching for deeper meaning.

What do you think of when you see a flower?   What does your color, or your accessories convey?  What does your jewelry convey about you?  What do you want it to convey?  Do you put on the earrings because they are the right color or because they make a statement about you? Think about that the next time you are putting on those earrings and if you find that you are missing that very special piece… I hope you too will think, Fleurenasci!

Purity of Motive ~ Be of Service

My blogging, or rather reading of blogs, and networking this morning took me to a recording of Forbes Healthcare Summit 2012, specifically an interview with Michael J. Fox.  Of course, the discussion was about Parkinson’s Disease, the research being done, and the strides being made to find a cure.  But the interview was also about the journey.  When asked at the end of the interview if there was anything he would like to say to other patients or doctors, a message about fighting disease he would like to get out there, Michael replied…. 

“I think what is key in anything is getting through acceptance, acceptance of your situation and go about learning about it instead of avoiding it…  Acknowledge the loss involved…  If you can acknowledge the truth of it and then take the heft of it, take the weight of it, the size of it and see just know how it fits into your life, into your world and see what other space there is left over.  There is room to move, there’s room in your life to explore other things.  If you can acknowledge that, it will take you back to what you can do about your situation.  It will free you up.  If it’s this kind of free floating sense of doom that you don’t ever look at and you don’t try to understand then you’ll never move past it or find a way to work toward a cure.  It’s that acknowledging it as a fact, as a truth, and then you can move forward.  For me that was the journey.  Seven years… I had to suffer for seven years, I just hung out with my issues… and then a series of events that happened that brought me to a place where I thought, no, this is an opportunity to be of service, to try to move the dial.  Once you figure out how much it takes from you, you figure out what you have to give. 

We have a motto a kind of mantra that I always throw out whenever we are talking about what we do and it is, Purity of Motive.  We have no agenda other than to figure this out…” 

~ Acceptance of your situation ~ There is room to move in the space left over ~ Understand it to move past it, that is the journey ~ Be of service ~ Purity of Motive

To listen to the question at the end of the interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaSek6zgkIY&playnext=1&list=PLpndQ-APwbNU4ZQv-eFvToQtK2DBDMKb6&feature=results_video 

To listen to the interview in its entirety:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7RaRPQ5WU8 

I hope you will take a minute to listen and that it will have an affect on you, just like it did me!