Tulips are Blooming

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If your yard is like mine, the tulips are blooming, the daffodils are open and yes … there is pollen everywhere! But blow off that yellow coating and check out the vibrant colors of the beautiful spring flowers. They are absolutely some of my favorite flowers, and they make gorgeous jewelry.

That’s right, there is no need to go buy flowers to make a timeless keepsake, many lovely colors are right outside your front door. The bright yellows, reds, and purples transform into incredible pieces of jewelry. All you have to do is clip the flowers from the yard and leave the rest to us. Any of these spring flowers would look so great on our new cuffs and would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom!

Yes, only six more weeks to Mother’s Day, but with a bit of work on your part, we can create her a piece from spring flower that she will treasure for a lifetime! To learn more simply contact us today at 404-644-8672 or visit http://www.fleurenasci.com.


Taking Time to Enjoy the Flowers

While researching new and different flowers I came across this excellent article about the Best Flowers for each month of spring. What a great find and an awesome reminder that we should take a moment to enjoy the beauty we can find each month in the flowers around us.

As we enter the month of May, pay close attention to such flowers as the Peony, Lilac and Garden Roses. In June Dahlias will also join the list. The article even suggested some beautiful pairings for a spectacular bouquet in your home. Why not try the following:

• Daffodils and Daisies, Iris in shades of yellow-white blue

• Lilac and Ranunculus in shades of lavender and blush

• Vibernum and Calla Lilly in shades of white, yellow and green

• Sweet Peas and Hyacinth and Lisianthus in shades of bright pinks

 To the authors of this post I want to say thank you for this monthly guide, and I hope it inspires others to discover flowers, and to see, enjoy and celebrate the beauty around us.  Flowers are a wonderful gift to receive, but isn’t it refreshing to just enjoy them because they are there … right outside our window? Enjoy spring and enjoy the beauty around you!

Shadow or No Shadow?


February has arrived and we all know what that means! Groundhog Day! Every year on February 2nd the groundhog emerges to answer the much-awaited question, shadow or no shadow? If he sees his shadow six more weeks of winter are upon us while no shadow predicts an early spring. As I scanned the headlines for groundhog sightings it became very clear that there would not be a simple answer. Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil emerged to see his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter. However, my home state of Georgia’s Gen. Beauregard Lee emerged to no shadow predicting an early spring. As I scanned on I discovered that wikipedia.org has been compiling a Predictions of Various Groundhogs list since 2008.   I’ll let you decide if bundling up for six more weeks or preparing for spring is in your future. As for me… Georgia’s Gen. Beauregard Lee’s emerged to no shadow predicting an early spring!  

What’s Happening in Nature ~ Fabulous

Wow! This is fabulous! I ran across this article today and all I can think to say is Fabulous! I love everything about it! Rebecca Louise Law is an East London florist who creates sublime arrangements of floating flowers. “Most of my installations are reflecting what’s happening in nature, by looking at plant patterns or observing the way something grows. Then I imagine these themes in real life and times that by a thousand so that it becomes fantasy,” says Law. Here is a link to the article with more fabulous photos of her work.

At Fleurenasci, we like to say that we celebrate the essence of life through the essence of flowers. Rebecca Louise Law has taken celebrating flowers and nature to another level. Have you encountered a Fabulous way to celebrate flowers or nature? Please share! I would love to hear from you!

Happy Wednesday!

Mother’s Day Is Just Around The Corner!


Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

Wow! Where has the time gone? Is it passing as quickly for you as it is for me? As I was working with my calendar last evening, planning for upcoming events. I came to realize that Mother’s Day weekend will no doubt hold many special memories for this proud Mother. You see this year, my son will graduate from college the Friday evening before Mother’s Day. It still pulls at my heart as I reflect on his first day of kindergarten, the long walk back to the car after seeing him off on the first of many school adventures! With this in mind, Fleurenasci will be closed for business Thursday evening, May 8, 2014 until Monday May 12, 2014. After all, being with family, celebrating with family is the very foundation for life’s essence!

How will your special someone remember this Mother’s Day?

Better Homes and Gardens has some suggestions for easy Mother’s Day flower arrangements. Here are a few of my favorites. Be sure to visit bhg.com and check out the rest.

Peonies are a wonderful choice with their essence of happy life. And an extra bonus, they bloom abundantly April through June. Place them in her favorite pitcher for a unique twist.

Snapdragons with their essence of graciousness and strength are sure to bring a smile. Love the suggestion to place an old postcard inside a recycled glass jar and then slide your small vase of flowers into the jar for a whimsical gift.

What do you think when you think peaceful? We think about Cosmos with an essence of peaceful and so did Better Homes and Garden. They suggest using a re-purposed miniature fish bowl as a fun vessel for your bright blossoms.

Love sunflowers. Who doesn’t with their essence of happiness and warmth? And standing them in a kicky pair of garden boots is a fabulous idea!

Love all of these suggestions and their additional ones as a stepping-stone toward the Perfect Gift. What is the perfect gift? Deanne Marie, author of Gift Giving for Busy People, says the answers lie in the Elements of a Perfect Gift. Deanne writes that a well-designed gift will include one or more of the following attributes:

~ Does it provide instant gratification (sight, smell, taste, sound, texture)? Flowers certainly provide the elements of sight and smell.
~ Is it long lasting? Preserving those flowers into a jewelry or keepsake item creates a wonderful long lasting gift. Purchase a gift certificate and she can create her own unique item.
~ Is there a special sentiment attached to it? What better sentiment than the very flowers she received from her loved one?
~ Is it educational in some way? Learning which life essence is being celebrated through the choice of flower and their essence is both enlightening and educational.

This Mothers Day, Fleurenasci would like to take you one step closer toward giving the Perfect Gift by offering a Mother’s Day Gift Pack. The gift pack will include, a Gift Certificate, an Order Form, Flower Care Instructions, a Brochure, and a Pre-Addressed Envelope. All that’s left is the choosing of the flowers and you’ll be prepared to give your special someone a gift with all the, Elements of a Perfect Gift.

So plan early. Start now. Choose your vessel, purchase your Fleurenasci Mother’s Day Gift Pack, add fresh flowers the weekend of, and celebrate the essence of your special someone!

Bring on Spring

What a crazy winter it has been across the United States. One week it’s snowing in Georgia, and the next week it’s 71 degrees. Madness! At Fleurenasci we say, “bring on spring!” Why? Well definitely for warmer temperatures, but also for those beautiful spring flowers.
On a recent search for spring flowers I came across a site which listed 10 unusual flowers for spring. There were so many! A few of my favorites included the Pasque flower, the Oriental Poppy and Trilliums. These flowers are full of vibrant colors and exude the feeling of spring and renewal. Of course my mind sees beautifully colored beads, but you all might want to take a look for new flowers for your garden. They are all quite beautiful.
And remember Fleurenasci when it’s time to cut back those daffodils and tulips. Keep spring alive all year through with a beautiful spring flower keepsake.